AAPOR Award Winners

AAPOR is pleased to present a portfolio of awards to recognize distinguished work in the profession, as well as to further the education of students and early career researchers. The 2023 award recipients are as follows:

The AAPOR Award

The AAPOR Award is the Association’s lifetime achievement award. It is given for an outstanding contribution to the field of public opinion research, including: advances in theory, empirical research and methods; improvements in ethical standards; and promotion of understanding among the public, media and/or policy makers.

Timothy P. Johnson’s leadership, scholarship, mentorship, and advocacy have enriched public opinion and survey research for over 35 years.  His substantive and methodological contributions, his promotion and enhancement of research standards, and his advocacy for the importance of survey research, are each remarkable in their own right.  Collectively, they have profoundly enhanced our entire field.

An enormously productive scholar, Tim’s impactful publications, including seven edited volumes and hundreds of refereed articles and book chapters, have advanced the science of survey measurement, improved representation of hard-to-count populations, and produced innovations in cross-cultural methodology.  Moreover, his ground-breaking applications of survey data to the study of health behavior, health care, substance abuse, and mental health have reflected his commitment to using social science to promote the common good, particularly the health and well-being of underserved populations.

Tim’s generosity to both students and colleagues is legendary.  Through decades of teaching and serving on over 80 dissertation committees at the University of Illinois at Chicago, he has developed the methodological finesse of a whole generation of researchers.  He has also answered countless calls to serve on advisory, review, organizing and service committees across a wide range of academic and professional institutions.

Tim’s executive leadership service across our profession is almost unparalleled, including the presidencies of AAPOR, WAPOR, MAPOR, and AASRO.  Across these organizations, he tirelessly protected our professional interests through advocacy for the importance of polls and surveys for informed decision-making and combatting misinformation, as well as promoting establishment of and adherence to strong research standards.  His leadership in AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative, including development of requirements, training, and outreach plans, and overall implementation of its vision, were essential to its success.

For all his extraordinary achievements and contributions, the American Association for Public Opinion Research is pleased to present the 2023 Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement to Dr. Timothy P. Johnson.

The AAPOR Book Award

The AAPOR Book Award seeks to recognize influential books that have stimulated theoretical and scientific research in public opinion and/or influenced our understanding or application of survey research methodology. Eligibility for the award includes any book in the field that is at least three years old (to allow time for books to be read and reviewed), including any published before or during the period covered by the list of the Fifty Books That Have Significantly Shaped Public Opinion Research 1946-1995.” (The books on the “Fifty Books” list have already been recognized by AAPOR and are not eligible for the annual book award.)

Behind the Mule by Michael Dawson

The Burns “Bud” Roper Fellow Award

The Burns “Bud” Roper Fellow Award is named for the late Burns “Bud” Roper who provided a substantial bequest in his will to endow the Roper Award fund. Roper Fellows are people who work in any sector of survey research or public opinion research, who work in relatively isolated settings, and who are in the early stages of their careers. They receive financial assistance to help them attend the AAPOR Annual Conference and/or participate in conference short courses; most are first-time conference attendees.

Past Award Winners

Jessica Roman, Rutgers’ Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling

The AAPOR Inclusive Voices Award

The AAPOR Inclusive Voices Award recognizes the important data sets, research, and survey methods that have improved the ability to study complex social phenomena related to understudied populations. The award will be presented to the scholars/researchers, organizations, or institutions who have produced the scholarship (including data collection, methodological approaches, or publications).

Past Award Winners

The Missing Voice of Asian Americans – Pew Center

The AAPOR Policy Impact Award

The AAPOR Policy Impact Award was developed to acknowledge that a key purpose of opinion and other survey research is to facilitate better-informed decisions. The award recognizes outstanding research that has had a clear impact on improving policy decisions, practice and discourse, either in the public or private sectors.

Past Award Winners

The National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS) and the National Study of Caregiving (NSOC)

The AAPOR Public Service Award

The AAPOR Public Service Award award is intended to recognize and honor outstanding public service and dedication to maintaining AAPOR standards. It recognizes persons who work on behalf of the public sector and have contributed to the quality of government surveys, data systems, research, leadership, and/or policy.

Past Award Winners

Stephen Blumberg, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The Seymour Sudman Student Paper Competition

The Seymour Sudman Student Paper Competition award is in memory of Seymour Sudman. It recognizes his many important contributions to AAPOR as well as his teaching and mentoring students in the survey research profession.

Past Award Winners

White Identity and Support for Racially Inclusive Political Projects

Geneva Cole, University of Chicago

Honorable Mention

Dynamic Time-to-Event Models for Future Call Attempts Required Until Interview or Refusal

Xinyu Zhang, University of Michigan

The Student Conference Award

The Student Conference Award was established to fund students to attend the AAPOR Annual Conference. Student Conference Awards are offered to students who are in need of financial support so that they may attend the conference and experience this important educational and networking event for survey methodology and public opinion researchers.

Eli McKowen-Dawson, Florida State University

Katie Krumbholz, Rutgers University

Sihle Khanyile, University of Michigan

Oriol J. Bosch, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Michael Topping, University of Wisconsin-Madison

David Martin, Rutgers University

Bradley Madson, Texas A&M University

Lujie Peng, University of Maryland-Baltimore

The Student-Faculty Diversity Pipeline Awards

The Student-Faculty Diversity Pipeline Awards are intended to recruit faculty-student “pairs” interested in becoming AAPOR colleagues. The award targets members of historically underrepresented racial-ethnic groups, interested in the study of public opinion and survey research methodology.

Atiyyah Abdul-hakim & Shannon Feliciano
Lincoln University

João Areal & Raphael Nishimura
University of Mannheim & University of Michigan

Tolulope Babalola & Jane Junn
University of Southern California

Danni Chacon & Elizabeth Zechmeister
Vanderbilt University

Michael Henry & Matthew Platt
Morehouse College

Alfonzo White & Richard Mushi
Mississippi Valley State University

The Student Poster Award

The Student Poster Award winner is announced each year at the annual conference. To be eligible for the award, students must have their poster abstracts accepted for presentation at the conference. The award committee will consider all posters that relate to the study of public opinion, whether they focus on theory, substantive findings, research methods, and/or statistical techniques used in such research.

Who Owns Smartphones? An Assessment of Smartphone Coverage of the U.S. Population over Time

Angelica Phillips
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

The Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award

The Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award is designed to recognize accomplishments in the fields of public opinion and survey research that occurred in the past ten years, or that had their primary impact on the field during the past decade. These innovations could consist of new theories, ideas, applications, methodologies or technologies. To be considered for the award, they must be publicly documented. The award can be given to individuals, groups or institutions.

Past Award Winners

Election Turnout and Voting Patterns Among Small Electoral Subgroups

Yair Ghitza Catalist, LLC & Andrew Gelman, Columbia University