Executive Council & Staff

AAPOR is led by a 20-member Executive Council elected by the full membership each spring.

The Executive Council makes the overarching guiding decisions about AAPOR, including managing AAPOR’s budget, creating new initiatives, planning the annual conference, and providing general governance to the organization.

The elected members of the Executive Council also oversee committees made up of AAPOR volunteers. To ensure consistency in the leadership, the past and incoming presidents work closely with the current president; and current and incoming (associate) Council members also work together.

AAPOR Executive Council

Jennifer Agiesta

Frauke Kreuter
Vice President

Paul Beatty
Past President

Jennifer Hunter Childs
Secretary – Treasurer

Ricki Jarmon
Associate Secretary – Treasurer

Communications Committee

Aleia Clark Fobia
Communications Chair

Bob Torongo
Associate Communications Chair

Conference Committee

Allyson Holbrook
Conference Chair

Gina Walejko
Associate Conference Chair

Education Committee

Michael Delli Carpini
Education Chair

Florian Keusch
Associate Education Chair

Inclusion & Equity Committee

Rodney Terry
Inclusion And Equity Committee Chair

Sunghee Lee
Associate Inclusion And Equity Committee Chair

Membership & Chapter Relations Committee

Jerry Timbrook
Membership & Chapter Relations Chair

Bianca DiJulio
Associate Membership & Chapter Relations Chair

Standards Committee

Cameron McPhee
Standards Chair

Ned English
Associate Standards Chair

Councilors at Large

Liz Hamel
Alisú Schoua-Glusberg
René Bautista


Tristanne Staudt

Executive Director

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Ryan Green

Education Manager

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Lailah Johnson

Program Manager

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Leon Spinner

Membership Manager

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Jackie Weisman

Director of Marketing

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