Student Resources

AAPOR is committed to the ongoing education around public opinion research and has compiled this list of resources for students and educators.

Public Opinion Polling Basics (text): A short course by Pew Research Center and Scott Keeter explaining how public opinion polling works.

Public Opinion Research: What it is + Why it’s Important (text): QuestionPro explains what public opinion research is in simple terms.

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Methods 101: What is Machine Learning, and How Does it Work? (video): Pew Research Center’s Methods 101 series explains the basics of machine learning – using computer programs to identify patterns in data – and how it allows researchers at the Center to analyze data on a large scale.

What is Machine Learning? (video): A collection of videos on machine learning from the Royal Society.

Quantitative Market Research: The Complete Guide (text): A guide to quantitative market research from QuestionPro.

Methods 101: Survey Question Wording (video): Pew Research Center’s Methods 101 series helps explain question-wording – a concept at the center of sound public opinion survey research – and why it’s important.

Response Rates – An Overview (text): AAPOR explains that calculating response rates has historically been central to survey research in the United States because of the assumption that the larger the proportion of participating sample units, the more accurate the survey estimates.

Methods 101: Random Sampling (video): Pew Research Center’s Methods 101 video helps explain random sampling – a concept that lies at the heart of all probability-based survey research – and why it’s important.

Methods 101: What are Nonprobability Surveys? (video): Pew Research’s Methods 101 video explores how nonprobability surveys differ from traditional probability-based polls.

Sampling Methods for Political Polling (text): To sample individuals, polling organizations can choose from a wide variety of options as outlined by AAPOR.

Automated Polls (text): AAPOR explains automated polling.

Online Panels (text): AAPOR explains the basics of online paneling.

Margin of Sampling Error/Credibility Interval (text): AAPOR explains the margin of sampling error.

Methods 101: Mode Effects (video): In this Pew Research video, Courtney Kennedy walks through what to know about survey mode effects.

Methods 101: How is Polling Done Around the World? (video): In this Pew Research Center Methods 101 video, how surveys are conducted around the world is discussed.