Past Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award Winners

The Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators Award is designed to recognize accomplishments in the fields of public opinion and survey research that occurred in the past ten years, or that had their primary impact on the field during the past decade. These innovations could consist of new theories, ideas, applications, methodologies or technologies. To be considered for the award, they must be publicly documented. The award can be given to individuals, groups or institutions.

Nomination details

2024 – Dana Thomson, University of Twente

2023 – Yair Ghitza Catalist, LLC & Andrew Gelman, Columbia University

2022 – COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey (CTIS)

2021 – Paul Biemer, RTI International; Craig A. Hill, RTI International; Lilli Japec, Statistics Sweden; Antje Kirchner, RTI International; Lars Lyberg, Demoskop (in memoriam)

2020 – Frauke Kreuter, PhD, University of Maryland, University of Mannheim and Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

2019 – James Jackson, University of Michigan

2018 – Anthony Lieserowitz, Yale University

2017 – Don Dillman, Washington State University; Leah Melani Christian, Nielsen; Michelle Edwards, Texas Christian University; Benjamin Messer, Research into Action, Inc.; Morgan Millar, University of Utah; Jolene Smyth, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

2015 – Nate Silver, Founding Director and Editor in Chief of

2014 – Willem Saris, Pompeu, Fabra University, Spain Daniel Oberski Tilburg University, The Netherlands

2013 – Frederick G. Conrad, University of Michigan, Michael Schober, The New School for Social Research

2011 – Michael P. Battaglia, Martin R. Frankel, Michael W. Link, Ali H. Mokdad, Larry Osborn, Vincent G. Iannacchione, Jennifer M. Staab, David T. Redden

2009 – Stephen Blumberg, Julian Luke, Marcie Cynamon, Vasja Vehovar, Katja Manfreda

2008 – Mick Couper

2007 – Mark Blumenthal, Charles Franklin

2007 – Arthur Lupia, Diana Mutz

2005 – Thomas B. Jabine, Miron L. Straf, Judith M. Tanur, Roger Tourangeau

2004 – James Lepkowski, Robert Casady, Clyde Tucker

2003 – Robert P. Daves, Paul J. Lavrakas, Tom W. Smith

2002 – David Celentano, Jerome Johnston, Judy Lessler, James O’Reilley, Charles Turner

2001 – Norman Nie, Douglas Rivers

2000 – Andrew Kohut

2000 – Robert M. Groves

2000 – Thomas Piazza, J. Merrill Shanks, Charlie Thomas, Richard Rockwell, William Lefes, Tom W. Smith