Past Inclusive Voices Award Winners

The AAPOR Inclusive Voices Award recognizes the important data sets, research, and survey methods that have improved the ability to study complex social phenomena related to understudied populations. The award will be presented to the scholars/researchers, organizations, or institutions who have produced the scholarship (including data collection, methodological approaches, or publications).

Nomination details

2024 – UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

Since 2001, the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) has led the population survey field in equity-centered population health data. CHIS is the largest population-based state health survey in the United States. For more than two decades, it has served as an exemplar that demonstrates a longstanding commitment to achieve health equity through data equity.

CHIS serves as a national model for best practices in collecting data on race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, and immigration status, as well as the inclusion of underrepresented populations such as Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Alaska Natives, and granular subgroups of Asians. CHIS is a mixed-mode (web and telephone) survey that uses an address-based sampling (ABS) frame, making it representative of California’s population. The survey is an example of the ways that a general population survey can be designed to include the voices of those who are undercounted or underrepresented. The survey is conducted in 6 languages and since 2001 each year, CHIS researchers have developed publications on understudied populations and topics to serve as invaluable resources. CHIS data are also regularly referenced in local, state, and national news outlets, with more than 435 media mentions in 2023. As part of the commitment to data equity CHIS provides free and easy-to-use online query tools and access to public use data files.

In recognition of work that has advanced our knowledge of the methodological work to achieve data equity and the high-quality procedures used to collect data since 2001 AAPOR is proud to award the 2024 Inclusive Voices Award to the California Health Interview Survey at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

2023 – The Missing Voice of Asian Americans – Pew Center

2022 – The National Latino & Asian American Study (NLAAS)

2020 – Matthew Desmond

2019 – National Survey of Latinos (NSL)