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The leading association of public opinion and survey research professionals.

The AAPOR community includes producers and users of survey data from a variety of disciplines. Our members span a range of interests including election polling, market research, statistics, research methodology, health related data collection and education.

Membership in AAPOR is all about opportunity – the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of leaders in the survey and public opinion research field, the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge and the opportunity to improve how survey research is conducted and disseminated.

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Member Spotlight

"The exchange and collegiality among AAPOR members builds a certain synergy that advances research and professional development in the areas of survey and public opinion. That is why AAPOR is my professional home."

Nancy Mathiowetz, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Member Spotlight

“I became a member of AAPOR more than 20 years ago, primarily to advance my own career. I CONTINUE to be a member of AAPOR to help advance the survey and public opinion research field.”

Robert Santos, The US Census Bureau

Member Spotlight

“My membership in AAPOR is vital in maintaining regular contact with our professional colleagues from around the nation and in keeping up to date with the latest developments in public opinion and survey research.”

Jon Cohen, SurveyMonkey

Member Spotlight

"The quality of a survey is best judged not by its size, scope, or prominence, but by how much attention is given to [preventing, measuring and] dealing with the many important problems that can arise."

“What is a Survey?”, American Statistical Association

Member Spotlight

"It is our members' professionalism, experience and dedication to excellence that makes AAPOR a leader in enhancing and promoting the public opinion and survey research industry."

Nancy Mathiowetz, AAPOR President, 2007-08



QUALPOR is intended for any AAPOR member who is managing, conducting, or has an interest in qualitative research methods. The purpose of this group is to advance the discipline of qualitative research within AAPOR by offering a forum in which AAPOR members can share best practices, exchange resources,…

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Survey Research Teaching Affinity & Interest Group

The Survey Research Teaching Affinity and Interest Group is intended for any AAPOR member who teaches survey research, including members who both teach within and outside of formal academic settings. The goal of the group is to advance and improve survey research pedagogy by providing a forum where teachers of survey research can discuss…

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HISP-AAPOR is an AAPOR affinity group, first formed in 2016 by Ana Gonzalez-Barrera and Rob Santos. HISP-AAPOR is formed by AAPOR members who are of Hispanic-origin or are interested in Hispanic research topics. The purpose of the group is to identify meaningful ways to increase the Hispanic presence in the survey…

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GAAPOR (a clever mishmash of Gay and AAPOR) is a social affinity group for LGBTQ AAPOR members and their friends. Its primary activity is an annual dinner on Friday night of the AAPOR conference, held in a gay restaurant or other eatery in the conference city’s gayest neighborhood.  Some years…

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Establishment Survey Affinity Group

The purpose of the ESRA Group is to provide a community of scholarship for those engaged in survey research where the unit of analysis is other than an individual or a household.

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AAPI Research & Affinity Group

AAPI Research & Affinity Group is a newly formed AAPOR affinity group formed by AAPOR members who are of Asian-American or Pacific Islander-origin or are interested in AAPI research topics.

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Cross-cultural & Multilingual Research Affinity Group

The mission of the Cross-Cultural Multilingual Research Affinity Group is to connect AAPOR researchers and leaders to facilitate a regular dialogue about improved methods, measurement, and research & publication opportunities.

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