In addition to being active at the national and international level, AAPOR has seven regional chapters.

Membership in AAPOR’s regional chapters provides additional opportunities for education and networking with professionals in your own geographic area. Learn more about each chapter below.

We’re university and college faculty members, professional practitioners, governmental researchers and graduate students. Our shared frame of reference: the study of public opinion.

We’re a student-friendly organization, dedicated to helping develop the next generation of public opinion researchers and scholars.

We live from coast to coast — Washington (state) to Washington (DC).

Our informal motto:  “Midwest… it’s a state of mind.”

For more information about MAPOR please visit:

With a host of leading researchers working across many sectors and in many settings, we are building the newly reconstituted New England Chapter of AAPOR (NEAAPOR) into a strong and vibrant chapter.  We strive to become a valuable part of the survey research community both in New England and nationally.

NEAAPOR has been busy:

  • Organizing a series of compelling workshops, lectures and panel discussions so that we can learn together and network with our fellow researchers in the area
  • Growing our membership by reaching out to active AAPOR members who live in our area but are not yet current NEAAPOR members – as well as other non-AAPOR researchers
  • Building a sustainable NEAAPOR infrastructure – contact lists, website, social media presence, sound financials, and so on – to put the chapter on solid footing for years to come

NEAAPOR covers a large region and its membership covers a vast range of expertise, so we are working to bring events to cities across New England on topics of both substantive and methodological interest.

For more information about NEAAPOR and our upcoming events, please visit the NEAAPOR website.  And keep up with us on Twitter by following @NEAAPOR.

Pennsylvania-New Jersey (PANJAAPOR)

PANJAAPOR is an association of professional survey researchers in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey region whose work encompasses academic social science, policy and program evaluation, market research and testing, and public opinion polling.

Founded in 2012, PANJAAPOR’s organizational roots reach back to 1972 with the founding of the New Jersey chapter.

PANJAAPOR provides opportunities for:

Professional Development and Education: At our biannual meetings, PANJAAPOR presents panels and speakers on topics of interest to the survey research community. These meetings provide educational and professional development opportunities for students and younger researchers who are not able to attend the national AAPOR conference, as well as continuing education opportunities for more experienced researchers.

Career Networking: The Pennsylvania and New Jersey region is home to some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious polling and survey research firms. Our meetings provide excellent networking opportunities where members can renew old friendships, meet colleagues from different organizations, and learn about new career opportunities.

For more information about PANJAAPOR please visit: PANJAAPOR

NYAAPOR is a thriving intellectual community of people engaged in methods, applications and findings from public opinion research. Comprised of people involved in both academic and commercial research, NYAAPOR offers members and the research community at large an opportunity to discuss and debate methodological, ethical and substantive issues related to a broad range of research topics.

A variety of programs are offered during the year – some are afternoon workshops on practical issues such as sampling or graphic interpretation of data, while others are evening panel presentations on timely and topical issues. Election years bring notable political and media pollsters as well as campaign managers for an inside look at American political trends. Toward the end of the calendar year, NYAAPOR sponsors a holiday party to celebrate the season’s events.

For more information about NYAAPOR please visit:

Or contact Rosemarie Sharpe, NYAAPOR Secretariat.

Bringing together professionals in public opinion and survey research in the western United States

The PAPOR chapter was started by a small cadre of researchers and academics in the 1960’s. Since that time PAPOR’s mission has evolved to educate members, facilitate networking among members and enhance member’s business and research skills.

For more information on PAPOR membership or activities, visit the PAPOR website,

SAPOR is the southern chapter of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). The chapter was organized by Charles Powers of the Research Triangle Institute, and was officially accepted by the AAPOR council in January 1978. SAPOR’s first conference was held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in November of 1978 and conferences have been held annually since 1986. Approximately 100 individuals from universities, survey research establishments and polling organizations are currently involved with SAPOR and attend our conference annually.

Our annual conference includes over 30 research presentations, a short course, panel and/or round table discussion, an evening social event and a keynote speech. It is held in mid October in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our mid-year social event happens annually at the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) conference.

For more information about SAPOR please visit:

DC-AAPOR is the Washington-Baltimore Chapter of American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). An active, intellectual community of researchers, academics, and other professionals engaged in the methods, applications, and findings of public opinion research and survey methodology, the chapter provides an exciting forum for discussion and debate about methodological, ethical, and substantive issues related to a range of research topics.

DC-AAPOR hosts a number of seminars, short courses, workshops, and happy hours during the year often in conjunction with the Washington Statistical Society.

For more information about DC-AAPOR please visit: