Affinity Groups

Share Ideas, Experiences and Information with other AAPOR Members

AAPOR Affinity Groups are voluntary associations of AAPOR members who want to share ideas, information, and experiences with other AAPOR members with similar affinities or interests.

AAPOR offers the following Affinity Groups:

Create a New Affinity Group

Have an idea for a new Affinity Group? Here’s how you can submit a proposal for a new group.

AAPOR members can form Affinity Groups around topics related to professional interests or personal affinities. Affinity Groups are expected to uphold AAPOR’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, as outlined in AAPOR’s Diversity Statement.

Recognized Affinity Groups will receive from AAPOR:

  • Listing on the AAPOR website (group name, description, contact information)
  • Simple webpage on the AAPOR website
  • Listing in the AAPOR Conference Program and App (group name, description, contact information, related conference activities)
  • Meeting space with refreshments at the AAPOR Conference, if available
  • Ability to send four emails/year to the AAPOR mailing list advertising the group and/or group activities
  • Information in AAPOR’s Annual Report about the Group and their previous year’s activities.

To create an AAPOR Affinity Group, a group must collect commitments from at least ten current AAPOR members who support the purpose of the new group and want to participate. The names and contact information of the group’s organizer(s) and the supporting members must be included in the application – along with the group name and a brief description for other members as they consider joining.

This description should state the group’s purpose (articulated for both the members of the group and for a broader audience) and the fundamental principles of the group’s identity and operation, such as, but not limited to the name of the group, purpose, and meetings.

The AAPOR Executive Council will consider applications for Affinity Groups at their monthly meeting. Council renders decisions weighing a number of factors, including whether the group overlaps with existing groups and whether the group upholds AAPOR’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The Affinity Group will conform to the rules set forth by the AAPOR Executive Council regarding group leadership, communications, and other relevant guidelines:

  • Following Executive Council approval, the Affinity Group must identify a chair to serve as the main contact for the group.
  • The name and contact information for the chair must be kept up to date with AAPOR Headquarters.
  • Affinity group members are expected to be AAPOR Members.
  • Affinity groups will submit a brief written report to the executive council in March of each year for inclusion in the Annual Report given at the Annual Meeting.
  • Affinity Groups are not to collect membership dues.

It is important that MCR is updated if the Chair changes. Prior to the conference each year, AAPOR will reach out to the Chair to confirm that the group is still active.

Affinity Groups are encouraged to submit organized panels for the annual conference on the topic of the group’s interest.

Submit AAPOR Affinity Group Application