HISP-AAPOR is an AAPOR affinity group, first formed in 2016 by Ana Gonzalez-Barrera and Rob Santos. HISP-AAPOR is formed by AAPOR members who are of Hispanic-origin or are interested in Hispanic research topics. The purpose of the group is to identify meaningful ways to increase the Hispanic presence in the survey research field and raise the visibility of our members at AAPOR.

For that purpose HISP-AAPOR organizes an annual meeting or meetup at AAPOR’s Annual Conference. During the meetings, the members set the objectives for the coming year in terms of outreach, research collaboration, exploring how a cultural lens can improve research at all phases, and Hispanic presence at AAPOR and in the field of survey research. HISP-AAPOR celebrates diversity and welcomes all current AAPOR members, regardless of age, gender, race or ethnicity, research field, education, or background.

Please consider joining HISP-AAPOR during the next annual meeting!

Contact Ana Gonzalez (AnaG@kff.org) and Luis Tipan (ltipan@ssrs.com) for more information.