QUALPOR is intended for any AAPOR member who is managing, conducting, or has an interest in qualitative research methods. The purpose of this group is to advance the discipline of qualitative research within AAPOR by offering a forum in which AAPOR members can share best practices, exchange resources, and discuss new approaches to qualitative research design as well as ways to improve on the integrity of these designs along with the quality and usefulness of the outcomes.

QUALPOR hopes to achieve these goals by:

  • Providing an open environment that encourages a free exchange of ideas;
  • Providing numerous networking opportunities;
  • Encouraging QUALPOR members’ involvement in the AAPOR conference and webinar series; and,
  • Responding to the individual and collective needs of its members.

If you are interested in joining QUALPOR or for more information please contact Kathleen Kephart ([email protected]) or Colleen Colbert ([email protected]).

Qualpor News

CURRENT ISSUE (October 2022)

  • Collaborating Across AAPOR Affinity Groups to Provide Professional Development by QUALPOR co-chairs Kathleen Kephart and Colleen Colbert
  • Lots of QUALPOR Activity at the 2022 AAPOR Conference
  • Public Opinion Quarterly – 2025 Special Issue on Qualitative Research
  • Abortion Identities: Bringing Qualitative Insights to Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Categories by Sara McClelland and Kristen Jozkowski
  • QUALPOR Initiatives update
  • Focus Groups with Transgender & Nonbinary Adults: Lessons Learned from Pew Research Center by Anna Brown
  • Theme for 2023 AAPOR Annual Conference Announced by Brady West
  • Call for Collaborative Institutions: Graduate Student Qualitative Methods Network
  • New Member Corner – Dan Bausch & Nicole Mitchell
  • Journals Publishing Qualitative Research
  • Workshops/Training & Conferences

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Learning Bursts


Event title: “Navigating Gendered Language for Respectful and Inclusive Interactions in Qualitative and Survey Research”
Panelists: Jessica Holzberg, MS, Alisú Schoua-Glusberg, PhD, and Florian Keusch, PhD
Moderator: Kathleen Kephart, MS

In this panel discussion, researchers will share their experiences with using gender-neutral language in qualitative research, surveys, and routine professional practices. In addition, they will offer reflections on the challenges of using gender-neutral language in English, Spanish, and German.

Research and some best practices have emerged on the measurement of gender identity, but much of this research has focused on English-speaking populations. Many of the practices that are recommended for English-language interactions, such as using gender-neutral job titles or the pronoun “they” instead of he/she are not always possible in other languages. Further, some practices, such as the use of “Latinx” instead of Latino/a are not widely used by monolingual Spanish speakers.

Even if gender identity is not being measured directly in research, respectful and inclusive interactions are important during activities such as recruitment, preparation for focus groups and other qualitative research events, correspondence, and data collection in order to enhance equity and inclusion.

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