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AAPOR Song Contest

Back in AAPOR’s early days, our conferences offered attendees important sessions on innovations in survey research, sample design, and non-response. But, like today, AAPOR attendees back then knew how to have fun. I bet you didn’t know that conferences featured songs celebrating our organization and its annual conferences. If you read all the way to the end of A Meeting Place (Appendix G) you will find lyrics to a number of these songs. In 2023, the History subcommittee (yes, there is one) revived this tradition and invited members to create their own song honoring AAPOR and our public opinion research profession and compete for the coveted title of AAPOR’s Best Songsmith.

This contest will be open to all members and should be submitted by May 1. All entries will be judged by Simon Cowell – sorry, he says he’s busy, by the good folks on the History subcommittee. The winner will receive an exciting Atlanta-themed prize and the honor of having your song played at the presidential address. Here are the rules:

  1. The song must be about AAPOR and/or Public Opinion Research
  2. Original lyrics but set to a familiar tune/song/melody
  3. Song length limited to 3 minutes
  4. Song can be submitted by an individual or group
  5. We prefer you submit an audio or video recording of the song accompanied by a lyric sheet

Don’t be shy! Submit a song idea and it will be immortalized and perhaps your submission will become the official AAPOR anthem.* If you have any questions, you may email Kathleen Weldon,

*Well, only if Council approves, of course!


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