Working Together In Philadelphia in 2023


In 2022, AAPOR celebrated coming together for our first in-person conference since 2019, and we challenged ourselves with disrupting public opinion research in the pursuit of equity and inclusion. In 2023, we will maintain this spirit but shift our focus to building collaborative partnerships and working together to face the challenges discussed in Chicago. Collaboration and partnership is crucial for high-quality public opinion research and being able to hear all voices from the communities that we are measuring. Survey and public opinion researchers bring myriad technical skills to the table, but only when they build close working relationships with community partners and substantive experts does the most impactful research emerge. For the 2023 conference theme, we will be recognizing the importance of careful public opinion research to collaborative science, and reflecting on the importance of collaboration to gaining knowledge.
To this end, AAPOR members will be encouraged to submit *joint* abstracts, featuring a survey / public opinion research lead and a substantive / community lead who will provide a *joint* talk (or poster presentation). While abstracts of all types will still be considered, preference will be given to those that outline joint talks, where the substantive lead can talk about the research problem and the importance of collaborating with the research lead in solving that problem. The substantive leads can provide a continuing picture of the important role that our work plays in advancing science in a variety of areas, while the research leads can continue to describe innovative methods and results that provide value to the substantive lead.
Q: How did you choose the theme?
A: I was so impressed by the thought and care that went into the development of Darby's theme last year, and how she grabbed onto something that was very important to her and ran with it, while always keeping AAPOR's best interests in mind. So I took a step back after the 2022 conference and thought about my core professional values (along with those of AAPOR). I ultimately settled on collaboration. This has been fundamental to my development as a research professor, statistician, and data scientist, and the ability to collaborate with many interesting people from all walks of life has allowed me to grow as a person and a scientist. AAPOR also strongly values collaboration, and I wanted to make sure that the 2023 conference would recognize the importance of all the work that AAPOR does to collaborative science. 
Q: What will make this year different?
A: We will strongly encourage AAPOR members to submit abstracts that outline joint presentations, whether they are full papers, methodological briefs, poster presentations, or panels, where scientific collaborators who may not be AAPOR members will be providing parts of the presentations along with the AAPOR members. This will give the non-member collaborators a chance to discuss how important the AAPOR member's work has been to their science in general and this project specifically. 

Q: ​What are you most looking forward to?
Seeing so many people coming together in-person once again, and hearing about how working together with AAPOR members has allowed the science in many different areas, communities, and organizations to blossom. While handshakes and hugs might be off the table given the public health situation, I would love to see many positive summaries of collaborative research that further remind us how important the work that we do is to society in general.