Evaluating Sample Suppliers in the Digital Age


Alyssa Haskins, The Harris Poll

Sample management in the digital age presents a new set of complex challenges. While the benefits from a highly networked supplier landscape are numerous, the scale and diversity of sources is extraordinary. With these, the industry has gained greater liquidity and transparency in the ecosystem. Programmatic (i.e., computer driven) delivery and intelligent routing are now the dominant mode of delivery. This means sample can come from anywhere and be redirected anywhere. While sample suppliers understand this, sample buyers are far less aware despite the significant implications for their work. To shed light on this topic, The Harris Poll conducted a study to evaluate current and potential sample sources and blends from various providers on measures of both Quality and Comparability. The study found, not surprisingly, that the different samples had varying results on these evaluations and results were mixed across panel type as well (i.e., API, double opt-in, etc.).