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AAPOR Announces New Editors-in-Chief for the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology


The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) Executive Council is pleased to announce that Emily Berg from Iowa State University and Brad Edwards from Westat have been selected as the new Editors-in- Chief for the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology.


Along with her role as Associate editor of JSSAM, Dr. Berg has broad experience with both theory and application. She has been the first or second author on five published articles in JSSAM, including one single-authored publication. Her primary research areas are small area estimation and imputation, but she has a broad-based knowledge of the literature in the entire field of survey statistics.


Mr. Edwards’ extensive methodology experience in two leading survey organizations, Westat and NORC at the University of Chicago, and his project direction and survey design/redesign experience on several large, complex national surveys for several federal statistical agencies and other government organizations give him a unique perspective as a reviewer.


Dr. Berg and Mr. Edwards plan on making diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) their guiding core value, “We understand one of the first tasks of the co-editors is to assemble a team of associate editors and reviewers, and we will apply DEI principles to that task. In the context of an academic journal, we propose to broaden the notion of DEI to represent diversity with respect to substantive content as well. Our experiences as reviewers and associate editors position us well to accomplish our dual aims of encouraging diversity with respect to membership on the editorial team and to substantive content.”


The committee recommendation noted, “From crafting a team of associate editors to handling desk rejections, the committee was particularly impressed with the thoughtfulness of their responses and their commitment to sustaining the journal’s excellence, and wholeheartedly recommends Berg and Edwards as the next co-editors in chief of JSSAM.”


Dr. Berg and Mr. Edwards will transition as Editors-in-Chief on July 1, 2024.


The AAPOR Executive Council thanks Dr. Kristen Olson from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Katherine Jenny Thompson from the US Census Bureau for their service to the organization and the field during their four years of excellence in the role of Editors-in-Chief of the JSSAM.