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AAPOR Announces New Editors-in-Chief for Public Opinion Quarterly


AAPOR’s Executive Council is pleased to announce that Allyson Holbrook from University of Illinois – Chicago and Phil Jones from University of Delaware have been selected as the new Editors-in- Chief of Public Opinion Quarterly (POQ).

Dr. Holbrook is currently one of the Editors-in-Chief of POQ in addition to being a professor of public policy, management, and analytics. Dr. Jones is currently an Associate Editor of POQ and professor of political science and international relations.

The selection committee noted, “[Their] proposal was packed with thoughtful ideas centered around the core values of attracting the best scholarly work, work that is transparent, ethical and accountable; promoting diversity, equity and inclusion both in the pages of POQ and in the composition of the editorial team; collaborating with AAPOR and the editors of AAPOR’s other journals; and thinking about where the journal will need to be in the future.”

Dr. Holbrook and Dr. Jones stated in their proposal, “We will continue many of the innovations introduced by the last editorial team, including having a large team with Associate Editors (AEs) who handle papers within their specialties; AE onboarding and mentoring; improved workflow processes such as the implementation of a triple blind review process for initial AE reviews of manuscripts, a conditional accept process, and processes necessary to accept manuscripts in LaTeX; collection of data from the authors of published papers to facilitate social media promotion; and a process for allowing AEs to publish in POQ.”

Dr. Holbrook and Dr. Jones will transition as Editors-in-Chief on July 1, 2024.

The AAPOR Executive Council thank Dr. Holbrook and Dr. Eric Plutzer from Penn State University for their service to the organization and the field during four years of excellence in the role of Editors-in-Chief of Public Opinion Quarterly.