Logo Usage

Use of AAPOR Logo

Here are some important rules and guidelines if you’re interested in:

  • Claiming membership in AAPOR
  • Placing the AAPOR logo on your website
  • Linking to AAPOR’s website

AAPOR’s members are all individuals; there’s no such thing as an organizational member. Therefore, it’s inappropriate for any organization to claim that it’s a member of AAPOR, whether in promotional messages or any other venue.

AAPOR Transparency Initiative members may use AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative logo in promotional materials.

It is appropriate and acceptable for individuals and organizations to state that they subscribe (if individual members) or adhere (if not AAPOR members) to the AAPOR Code of Professional Ethics and Practices. However, the reference to AAPOR membership must not state or imply that membership in itself is evidence of professional competence.

Individuals may list their AAPOR membership on a c.v., résumé, or biographical sketch.

They also may list their participation in AAPOR short courses, conferences, and other AAPOR-sponsored events, service activities for AAPOR, or offices held as relevant professional training or experience.

Provided these restrictions are observed, you are welcome to place the AAPOR logo on your website to indicate you subscribe or adhere to the AAPOR Code (so long as a statement to that effect is included with the logo).

Contact AAPOR to request a graphics file in high-resolution EPS, or lower-resolution JPG or GIF.

AAPOR also encourages links from other sites to our website as long as the link does not indicate or suggest AAPOR endorsement, certification, or approval of the organization.

Updated August 2019