AAPOR Launches a Member Expert List


Given the increasing prevalence and growing significance of our profession, the AAPOR Communications Committee has a key goal for 2022-2023: to enhance media engagement and to establish AAPOR as an organization of experts in the field of public opinion research.

With this in mind, we are recruiting AAPOR members as subject matter experts for media sources. If you are willing to speak to journalists; .

Please note: You will NOT be asked to speak on behalf of AAPOR; you will only be asked to provide your expertise on the subject matter at hand. AAPOR frequently receives media requests, and with this effort we will have an updated and expanded list of Subject Matter Experts that we can share directly with journalists.

The form will request, among other things, your contact information, area(s) of expertise, and general interactions with the media. AAPOR staff will keep this information and when a member of the media reaches out for a Subject Matter Expert, they will provide your contact information so the media can contact you directly. From that point, it is up to you if you are comfortable speaking with the media. AAPOR will not vet media outlets.