Outreach to other conferences, universities, and groups

There are many individuals in other organizations who are doing work that is similar or complementary to that done by AAPOR members.

Although AAPOR has been sending the MCR Chairs and other AAPOR volunteers to related conferences and swapping ad space and other materials with organizations, more work should be done in this area to deliberately target membership activities to these organizations with the goal of increasing diversity.

  • Short term actions:
    • Continue efforts to swap advertisement space and booth space with relevant organizations
    • Consider deeply discounted AAPOR membership plan for individuals who attend the International Field Directors and Technologies conference
    • Identify universities for targeted outreach for conference promotion. These are  likely to be universities in or around the annual conference’s host city.
    • Develop deeply discounted AAPOR membership plan for members of other organizations
  • Medium term actions:
    • Send AAPOR Council members to the Field Directors conference; ask for time during the business meeting to give a pitch for AAPOR discounted membership for IFD&TC attendees
  • Long term actions:
    • Develop an AAPOR “Send a speaker” program to send prominent AAPOR members to local universities to attract both students and faculty to be AAPOR members. Speaker would give a talk on a research topic of interest and gives a pitch for AAPOR)