Increase the visibility of Diversity efforts within AAPOR

While making progress towards and achieving diversity milestones is important, the membership may not be aware of the full range of AAPOR diversity efforts unless they are regularly kept apprised of progress.

s detailed above, AAPOR has already started a number of efforts intended to highlight the diversity of the membership. Although Executive Council is aware of these efforts, they may not be as visible to the membership. This effort generally involves lower cost, immediate action steps that can be implemented through MCR’s Diversity Subcommittee.

  • Short term actions:
    • Explicitly solicit special panels on diversity-related topics for conference; develop diversity page for conference program.
    • Highlight affinity groups related to diversity on AAPOR webpage
    • Highlight diversity efforts on AAPOR webpage
    • Develop member profiles to showcase member diversity in newsletter and on website
  • Medium term actions:
    • Develop an annual report on diversity efforts that spans the complete landscape of AAPOR’s diversity efforts (not just membership diversity)
    • Promote the MCR Diversity Subcommittee as a group that helps AAPOR monitor the success of its diversity efforts