How Will AAPOR Know if These Efforts Work?

We desire to create a set of measurable goals in order to judge progress or failure of our diversity efforts.

At this point, the working group recommends against establishing hard numerical goals in terms of increased membership diversity.  Instead, we urge that AAPOR focuses on tracking progress in implementing each of the pieces of this effort.

One of the first tasks for the Diversity Coordinating Committee (DCC) will be to identify clear targets for each of the actions listed in this document. Although what the DCC decides will be up to that committee, we charge the DCC with identifying clearly measureable outcomes with clearly identifiable timeframes.

In three years, the work of the DCC will be systematically reviewed by Council. We anticipate that by that point many of these initial efforts will be underway and will be demonstrated to be effective or not.  At that point, the DCC will propose additional measurable goals for AAPOR to evaluate future progress in each of these areas.