AAPOR Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The American Association for Public Opinion Research embraces diversity and inclusion as institutional imperatives, as noted in the AAPOR2025 Strategic Vision.

Only by promoting an environment where differences in background, experience and perspectives are valued will AAPOR fully serve its members and remain vital in the future.

It is therefore the policy of AAPOR to include members in all activities of the association regardless of their sex, gender, gender identity, age, race, religion, ethnic background, nationality, sexual orientation, disability status, or any other category protected by federal, state and local laws.  AAPOR further seeks to reflect the diversity of its membership in thought and professional experiences, and pledges to equally value members regardless of their tenure within the profession, whether or not they are currently employed, and if employed regardless of the size of their workplace or whether that workplace is in academe, the government, business, the media or another setting.

AAPOR leaders have an obligation to identify any roadblocks to inclusion and work within the association to eliminate them. We also recognize that each AAPOR member has a personal responsibility to create, maintain and enhance a culture of inclusion within the association where every member is appreciated, differences in perspectives are respected and paths to leadership are open to all.

By working together, our individual differences make our association stronger. Only by actively nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusion will we fully serve our current membership and prepare future AAPOR members for the needs of an ever-changing world.