Sponsorship Opportunities

Webinar Series

Interested in supporting AAPOR outside of the conference? Consider sponsoring an AAPOR Webinar! AAPOR carefully curates a series of webinars each year, all focusing on different aspects of public opinion research. Sponsorship of webinars is available for either half of the series or the entire series. Sponsors will be recognized in all promotional materials leading up to the webinar, during the opening slides of the live event, and on AAPOR.org following the webinar. Sponsors of the half-series may select to sponsor either the first half of the series or the second half. Please note that sponsorship is nonexclusive. Pricing is as follows:

  • Half Series – $3,250
  • Full series – $6,000

AAPOR Quarterly Newsletter

Sponsor one issue or all four of the annual issues of AAPOR’s quarterly online newsletter. Contribute a general interest article for one of the AAPOR Newsletters. The article will include the sponsoring organization logo and the content is subject to advance review. Deadlines will be provided.

Cost: $4,000 per newsletter or $10,000 for all four

AAPOR Career Center

Advertise career opportunities with a web banner in the interactive online AAPOR Career Center. Sponsors receive a single 90-day post in AAPOR’s Career Center.

Cost: $2,000

[Your Idea Here!]

Have a question about a sponsorship opportunity? Want to discuss other potential opportunities you may have in mind? Email [email protected] to start the discussion.