Heritage Interviews

The AAPOR Heritage Interview Series was initiated as a way to preserve knowledge about the founding of the public opinion research profession, the development of new ideas that have had a lasting effect on the work we do, and the growth of AAPOR itself. Since 2002, the Heritage Interview Committee has interviewed individuals who have made significant contributions to our field.

Check back for more interviews and additional biographical information added throughout the year.

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Herbert Abelson
Richard Baxter
Nancy Belden
Leo Bogart
Norman Bradburn
Diane Colasanto
Helen Crossley
James A. Davis
Donald Dillman
Murray Edelman
Jack Elinson
Mervin Field
Robert Ford
Floyd Jackson “Jack” Fowler
Kathleen Frankovic
George Gallup, Jr.
Robert M. Groves
Michael Kagay
Scott Keeter
Andy Kohut
Jon Krosnick
Herbert Krugman Part One
Herbert Krugman Part Two
Richard Kulka
Gladys & Kurt Lang
Nancy Mathiowetz
Phil Meyer Part One
Phil Meyer Part Two
Harry O’Neill
Frank Newport
Ben Page
Richard Petty
Burns “Bud” Roper
John Russonello
Rob Santos
Mark Schulman
Howard Schuman
Eleanor Singer
Michael Traugott
Tom W. Smith
Frank Stanton
Pearl Zinner
Cliff Zukin

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