79th Annual Idea Groups

Introducing: Idea Groups

Throughout its history, the AAPOR conference has changed and evolved. Many new ideas have been tried – some stuck and became traditions, others didn’t. I know we all agree that the programming and research at AAPOR conferences is top shelf, but as the conference has become larger, it’s become more difficult to connect with other researchers and practitioners who do work related to your own. At the 2024 AAPOR Conference, we would like to try something new to give participants the opportunity to network with a smaller, more targeted group: Pre-Conference “Idea Groups.” These groups will hold smaller meetings from 2:00 -5:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon before the conference begins on Wednesday.

The goal of these groups is to facilitate informal discussion (not formal research presentations) of shared topics and questions with which AAPOR members are engaging. These groups are not meant to be meetings of individuals who are already collaborating on a project or idea, but to bring together a diverse group of researchers and practitioners to discuss a topic of common interest.


Proposals should be submitted by March 1, 2024. Coordinators (and proposed participants) will be notified the following week about whether or not the proposal was accepted. Coordinators of accepted idea groups will receive one free night at the conference hotel.


Each proposal should be submitted as a pdf and should include the following elements:

  1. Title of group and a 300 – 500 word description of the topic to be discussed.
  2. Name of coordinator (one person must be identified as the key coordinator).
  3. List of names of at least five conference attendees who have committed to attend the Idea Group, their affiliations and their email addresses (In alignment with AAPOR’s commitment to diversity, we encourage coordinators to consider the diversity of the names that are submitted in terms of sector, stage of career, and demographics.). We will announce selected group titles and descriptions on AAPORnet and additional participants will be given the opportunity to register for these groups. We would like to keep the overall group size for each group to no more than twenty five (25) participants. There is no additional charge for participating in these groups, but participants are expected to be registered for the AAPOR Conference.
  4. A list of five to ten broad questions that will be used to guide the discussion in the idea group. Beyond this outline, idea group coordinators have broad leeway to organize the group discussion as they see fit (e.g., breakout groups, use of collaborative tools, etc.). Coordinators are expected to organize and manage the group discussion and activities during the allocated time.

After the conference, each idea group coordinator will be asked to submit a one-page summary of the group discussion and the ideas for progress generated. These summaries will be provided to conference attendees in the conference archive.

For more information, email [email protected]

Click here to submit a proposal.